Go Green with your Plumbing to Save some Green

Go Green with your Plumbing to Save some Green

Plumbing tips from A1 Choice Plumbers in Kelowna & West Kelowna Its time to upgrade your plumbing to save on energy and water costs, as well as protect the environment! A1 Choice Plumbing & Drain has collected a list of easy to adapt to changes…

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Plumbing tips from A1 Choice Plumbers in Kelowna & West Kelowna

Its time to upgrade your plumbing to save on energy and water costs, as well as protect the environment!

A1 Choice Plumbing & Drain has collected a list of easy to adapt to changes that can have a big impact on your energy consumption.

Kelowna and West Kelowna Plumbers - A1 Choice - hot water saving shower headShower

It’s the one place you feel safe enough to performing your singing skills, and perhaps taking shorter showers could cut into your vocal lessons so what other options exist to save on your utility bills? By fitting low-flow attachments to your shower you can save enough water to offset the costs of the upgrade. Maybe you’re the numbers type, so here is the math to prove it. Luxury level low-flow showerheads include full pressure rain like spray while using 30% less water. Hot water saver showerheads as the name suggests reduce your water flow to a trickle once the pre-determined water temperature is hit (35C or 95F), saving both water and energy expenses. Slow flow regulators can transform your standard showerhead into a high performance level all while saving on water and energy costs.


We have all experienced the moment of selecting between water saving flushometers in a commercial setting, but what about bringing this technology to residential bathrooms? These revolutionary valves have 2 distinct flushing methods. While the traditional full flush is available for solids, the second option accommodates liquids only by using 30% water. Dual flush sensor flushometers operate similarly to traditional water saving flushometers, but automatically select the flush option (full, of 30% less), depending on how long a user is in front of it. Lastly, low flow urinals not only appease the aesthetically conscious consumer, but are also designed to reduce water consumption by 85% verses a standard 1.0 gpf urinal.


We recognize that merging water saving technology with aesthetically pleasing finishes shouldn’t be a choice. Instead, opting for water saving bathroom faucets verses traditional models can help reduce your water dependence by 30%. Perhaps technology is your guiding principle? Solar powered faucets provide hands free technology for hygienic operation. If you think water conservation is only reserved for the bathroom, think again. It’s more than easy to reduce your water usage in the kitchen without sacrificing looks or quality.

Kelowna and West Kelowna Plumbers - A1 Choice - Tankless hot water systemWater Heaters

On of the easiest out of sight, out of mind modifications that can be made to reduce your utility costs is installation of a tankless water heater. Tank-based water heating systems suffer from standby heat loss due to the fact your tank is required to have hot water in its reserve, ready at all times. Tankless water heaters in contrast utilize system cycles between heating the water and waiting for it to cool to the level where it needs re-heating again. Tank based systems traditionally apply cold water flowing back into the tank to keep it full, lowering the temperature, forcing more energy to be dispensed to heat it once more. A tankless water heater becomes more efficient by only heater water on demand. Water pipes are heated directly when the hot water tap is engaged, keeping the water heated until it is switched off. This one-time change can save up to 50% on all your annual water heating bills. Other options for water heating capabilities hot water recirculation, where pumps are utilized to recirculate water in a hot water pipe loop so there be no wait time for hot water. Lastly, water heater leak detectors and shut offs are an all in one unit to help protect your home against the effects of a leaking water heater.

The Quick Switches that Add Up

Kelowna and West Kelowna Plumbers - A1 Choice - coiled garden hoseWater filters are often relied upon for purification but sand separators have the specific agenda of extending their longevity by decreasing the filters effort. Water purification systems tap into technological advancements by harnessing the power of UV to provide your family with good tasting, purified and filtered water at the tap. Don’t let the indoors be the boundary of your water and energy conservation efforts. Simply purchasing a coiled garden house is preventative against leaching lead and are constructed out of FDA grade polyurethane which makes them drinking water safe. Drip irrigation is gaining popularity in the Okanagan Valley. Drip systems reduce water usage, help prevent erosion, and place water in areas where it is needed specifically. Depending on your location within the valley, septic system care can be a priority. Keeping your drains clean with environmentally friendly cleaner not only lowers the cost of hiring a plumbing professional, but helps reduce odors that can be emitted. Lastly, we recommend no-clog safety t-traps which can eliminate the need for chemical drain openers. Easily removing any build up (preventative for a clog) can help reduce headaches down the road.

At A1 Choice Plumbing & Drain, we recognize being as energy independent as possible is a goal of our clients. We strive to provide green initiatives that can save you some green, and also contribute to a more stable environment.

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