A1 Choice Plumbing & Drain offers excavation services if it’s needed. We can support a number of sewer services that include line repairs, installing new lines, to connecting new or broken pipes. We also arrange for permits for new water lines in newer developments and can handle the inspection for you.


Depending on the severity of the sewer problem we have various methods for handling this issue. It all depends on whether your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced. If we can repair the problem without any excavation that would be ideal for you and for us.


Some plumbing problems require that we replace the line and this involves excavation. We do the job from start to finish and in a timely manner.

A1 Choice Plumbing & Drain specializes in both traditional excavation where we have to remove parts of the ground to expose the pipe and trenchless were we don’t expose the ground. We have the latest technology to do the required job. We’ll help you select the method that’s best for the problem that you are facing. We don’t want to have to dig up your ground and disturb your landscaping unless the problem warrants it. We make sure that we address your needs and handle any of the plumbing issues you are encountering in the safest, most cost efficient and timely manner. Safe digging is important to us and we always make sure things are safe before we dig.

Another happy Client after the successful completion of a challenging sewer connection in West Kelowna!